About us

Behind every boss…

Is the Boss’s boss!

David, the Boss, was inspired to grow a beard after having watched a popular TV series about a rugged and bearded hero fighting off zombies at every turn. Soon, Michelle, the Boss’s Boss, grew rather fond of his majestic beard and a few months later, Plato’s Beard was born.

With a lot of research, late nights and experimenting we developed a range of 100% natural beard oils, beard balms and beard wash. We named them The Dreamer, The Realist, The Philosopher and The Naturalist. Each one representing a part of our own individual personalities. It was such a hit that we later developed shaving products to cater for the unbearded man. We believed that they, too, deserved to have the Plato’s Beard experience.

With the belief that every majestic man needs a fabulous lady, we introduced a range of luxurious, 100% natural ladies body and spa products. Giving rise to Plato’s Lady. Our products range from nourishing lotion bars, soothing bath soaks to aroma candles and calming room mists. Always insuring that our ladies have their time to be fabulously feminine.

Our passion drives us to provide products which are personal and 100% natural with no ingredients you can’t pronounce, except maybe for ‘Jojoba’.

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